CEDENNA organizes numerous outreach activities, including conferences, talks, competitions, schools, seminars and exhibitions, to present its work to the general community, generating greater interest in science among the youth of our country.


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9th Internal Workshop called for more students and topics were focus on applications of nanotechnology

November 27, 2018

The latest edition of Cedenna Internal Workshop 2018, which was held in Los Andes (November 8 to 9), attracted a significant number of undergraduate and graduate students from the different disciplines and institutions that make up the Center. It was the second version during this year and it is added to the previous eight since the beginning of Cedenna.
During two days, researchers and students met to share ideas, new projects and news of the projects in progress. Along with this, the talks were focused on nanotechnology, with a view to the development of new products. Thus, several interventions presented strategies for the preparation of projects with economic and social impact. In the poster session, Juan Pablo García López, PhD student of the Nanobiomedicine group, won the prize for the best poster with his work Inhibition of neutrophils recruitment in vivo with a drug-delivery platform based on polymer nanoparticles, article published in colaboration with Cristian Vilos and Carmen Gloria Feijóo.Photo Gallery


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