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Chilean Academy of the Sciences recognizes the Director of
CEDENNA as a corresponding member

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The Academy brings together the most distinguished scientists in Chile. Dr. Dora Altbir is the first woman academic from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile to receive this recognition.

In an open session led by the President of the Chilean Academy of Sciences, Professor Juan Asenjo, Dr. Dora Altbir Drullinsky of the Department of Physics of the Universidad de Santiago was received as a new corresponding member of the Academy.

Attending the ceremony were the Dean of the Faculty of Science of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Dr. Rafael Labarca, the President (S) of CONICYT, María Elena Boisier, and distinguished scientists such as Dr. Rafael Benguria, National Exact Science Prize winner of 2005 and Dr. María Cecilia Hidalgo, who was awarded the National Prize for Natural Sciences in 2006, among others.

The physicist and winner of the 2007 National Prize for Exact Sciences, Dr. Miguel Kiwi, noted “for an educator there is nothing more rewarding than the pride for a student that over the years has surpassed him”. Dr. Kiwi was Dr. Altbir’s thesis advisor for her undergraduate and doctoral theses at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and since then, he emphasized “she has been outstanding as a researcher in the theoretical physics of condensed matter stood”.

According to the regulations, to be elected to the Academy, whether as a full member, a corresponding national or overseas member, one must be “an active scientist of recognized prestige, trustworthy and over 35 years of age”.

The regulations also require that the candidate for membership represent an asset based on the quality of the research he/she conducts, measured on the basis of publications in high-level scientific journals, as well as in books and monographs and for their contribution to the development of disciples.

Dr. Altbir’s scientific output is notable both in the number and the impact of her publications. The Web of Science database registers 83 publications between 1988 and 2014, which have received 1,063 citations and an H index of 21.

In his incorporation speech, Dr. Miguel Kiwi emphasized that parallel to her successful scientific career, Dr. Altbir has achieved impressive work in science policy, direction and administration, which is a fortunate combination that rarely occurs”. She is currently the Director of the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA), directs the Millennium Nucleus for Basic and Applied Magnetism and is a member of the National Accreditation Commission as a representative for the Council for Rectors of Chilean Universities.

The ceremony included a speech by the new member of the Academy titled “From the Nanoscopic World to the Visible World: A Journey by Magnetism”, in which she considered her professional career since its beginnings to the present, focused mainly on the study of magnetic dipolar interaction arising between electron spins, which has allowed for understanding the magnetic behavior of a wide variety of systems that are used in medical applications, hard disks, recording systems, and others.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Altbir thanked her professors and colleagues that influenced in her passion for physics, the undergraduate and graduate students she has taught over the years, and especially her family for their “unconditional support”. The scientist closed by saying “science has an importance in itself, given that the most interesting applications are often those that cannot even be imagined at the beginning of the research “.

The Academy

The Chilean Academy of Sciences brings together the most distinguished scientists in the country elected by their peers and its work is linked to the scientific activities of researchers and specialists. The election of members in whatever category (full member, national and overseas corresponding members, and honorary members) depend on the quality of their research work and publications in high-level scientific journals, as well as books and monographs and the development of students.

The Academy is recognized internationally and has collaborative agreements with the Science Academy of France, the Royal Academy of Belgium and the Royal Society, and the National Academy of the Sciences of the USA.

With this assignment, there are now two academics from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile that are corresponding members of the Chilean Academy of Sciences: Dr. Altbir and Dr. Eduardo Lissi, Full Professor in the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology.


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