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Investigation Areas

Multidisciplinary Research

Nanoscience and nanotechnology study the phenomenon and manipulation of materials at the atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales, at which properties differ substantially from those observed at larger scales. Its scope extends to the full spectrum of the sciences and includes fields like medicine, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Owing to their applications, these disciplines constitutes important motors of the new industry and the knowledge society.

Packaging Technology

This group develops plastic films with nanocompounds to control the permeability of gases suited to the requirements of the food products that are packaged, and to develop active packaging with different activities, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, ethylene and oxygen remover, in order to put safer products on the market, with longer life and added value. So, the purpose is to incorporate into plastic films nano-active substances based on silver, copper, titanium dioxide, modified zeolites and clays to control the oxygen, vapor pressure and ethylene flow between the container and the surrounding atmosphere. With these properties, this research line want to improve the shelf life of the food products packaged in this way. So, these studies consider the development of the appropriate nanoparticles, the way to incorporate them into the plastic film, the measurement of the properties of the film, and the determination of the improvement of these new materials as compared to traditional materials.



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