CEDENNA organizes numerous outreach activities, including conferences, talks, competitions, schools, seminars and exhibitions, to present its work to the general community, generating greater interest in science among the youth of our country.


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In the restaurant Cafetería Torres

Biology is the theme of the next Scientific Café

June 22, 2012

The Executive Director and researcher for the Science for Life Foundation, Dr. Mario Rosemblatt, who is considered an eminence in cellular and molecular biology, will be the guest speaker at the next Scientific Café, to take place on Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 pm at the restaurant Confitería Torres.

Continuing the successful season of the Scientific Café at the restaurant Confitería Torres, it is time to talk about biology and a specialist on the theme is the guest speaker, the distinguished researcher Mario Rosemblatt, professor of the Universidad de Chile and the Universidad Andrés Bello, a researcher in Millennium Institute for Fundamental and Applied Biology (MIFAB), founder and director of the undergraduate program in Biotechnology of the Universidad de Chile and current Executive Director of the Science for Life Foundation.

This science, technology and art outreach activity takes place the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the restaurant Confitería Torres. Until now there have been three sessions in which the researchers Miguel Kiwi, Iván Schmidt and Diana Comte spoke before diverse audiences of persons that are interested in knowing more about the scientific work carried out in Chile and around the world.

In this fourth edition of the Café, Dr. Rosemblatt will be accompanied by two panelists from the areas of science outreach and social communication, one of them being the General Director of Communications and Public Affairs of the Universidad de Santiago and Director of Radio USACH, Gabriela Martínez, in collaboration with the Millennium Nucleus on Basic and Applied Magnetism has supported the outreach efforts of the Scientific Café since its beginning through the institutional mediums of communication that she directs, in particular through broadcasts of each encounter on the university radio station.

For the director of Radio USACH “this alliance represents the spirit that inspired the founders of our university radio station in the sense of being in the service of outreach on science, culture and the arts. We have an audience that greatly values this type of programming, which becomes a teaching tool that brings scientific activities to people in a friendly manner.” she stated.

The Scientific Café is moderated by Dr. Eugenio Vogel, a professor of the Universidad de la Frontera and a member researcher of the Millennium Scientific Nucleus.

The Scientific Café is funded by the Millennium Scientific Initiative, with additional support from the Fund for Innovation for Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and is supported by the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA), the Radio station of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile and the network of university radio stations of Chile.

The event will be broadcasted by Radio USACH (94.5 FM) on Monday, July 1 at 8:00 pm.

A lifetime dedicated to research

With a distinguished academic that spans 50 years, with research work in Chile, the United States and France, Dr. Mario Rosemblatt also works with private companies (Chilean and international) to incorporate scientific innovations in their processes.

In the various laboratories where he has worked over his extensive career, Dr. Rosemblatt has researched enzymes, proteins and lymphocytes and has applied this knowledge to study the role of the immunological system for improving acceptance of transplanted organs, the development of vaccines for the salmon farming industry and the against the Hanta virus, and new knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease.


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