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Cedenna incorporates a NanoMOKE3 device to measure the magnetic properties of nanostructures

March 11, 2016

The NanoMOKE3 is completely operative. It is a unique system that integrates a Kerr microscope with an ultra-sensitive magnetic-optical magnetometer capable of quantifying the intensity and direction a magnetic signal in thin films and nanostructures. The device, which is the only one in Chile and one of the few in Latin America, registers images of magnetic domains, which is not possible to obtain with other characterization techniques.

“This equipment is essential to consolidate our research group given that it allows for measuring the characteristics of a small number of nanostructures or of one isolated nanostructure, including providing images of magnetic domains, which is not possible with other characterization techniques. “This in turn will allow different scientific groups in Chile to use it”, stated the Cedenna researcher and professor of the Physics Department of the University of Santiago, Dr. Juan Escrig, who got the funds under the Fondequip grant program of Fondecyt for acquiring scientific and technological equipment (Project EQM140092).

The objective was to acquire the resource to purchase this devise for measuring the magnetic properties of thin films and nanostructures for their application in nanotechnology, spintronics, MRAMs, recording heads, giant magnetoresistence and magnetic field sensors, among other applications.

The device is the only example in Chile and one of the first in South America (there will soon be one in Brazil).

The new acquisition has already been installed in the Nanomagnetism Laboratory of the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA).

Specific qualities

The NanoMOKE3 integrates in a unique system a Kerr microscope and an ultra-sensitive magnetic-optical magnetometer capable of quantifying the intensity and direction of a magnetic signal.

Compared to traditional magnetometric techniques, like the vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), the NanoMOKE3 (MOKE for Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect) offers more rapid measurement, higher sensitivity and the capacity to locate the measurement within a few microns, because of which it is ideal for measuring thin magnetic films, microstructures and nanostructures.

The device is also notable for its capacity to measure in three dimensions: longitudinal, transversal (in-plane applied fields) and polar (out-of-plane applied fields).

Dr. Escrig emphasized that the integration of this device in CEDENNA and the University of Santiago positions Chilean science in the vanguard of nanoscience and nanotechnology research.

At a time when nanoscience and nanotechnology offers the best opportunities for scientific and technological development in Chile, the arrival of the NanoMOKE3 strengthens this area through the characterization of isolated nanostructures and the generation of new and relevant knowledge.

The NanoMOKE3 is added to other equipment belonging to the Nanomagnetism Laboratory, like the first atomic layer deposition device.


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