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Cedenna sponsors three projects presented for Fondef grants

June 8, 2015

foto: mch.clThree projects were presented by researchers of our Center to the latest round of the IDeA program of Fondef, which funds applied research and development projects, with high scientific values that in the short-term can generate new products, processes or services with economic and/or social impact.

The researchers Nicolás Arancibia (Chemical Physics Line) and Dr. María José Galotto (Food Packaging Line) presented two projects, while the proposal of Dora Altbir, Juliano Denardin, and two doctoral students, Nicolás Vargas and Álvaro Espejo (Magnetic Nanostructures Line), is aimed at developing ultrasensitive detectors for early warning of wear and fracture of metal components of heavy mining machinery as a means of avoiding time lost for repairs.

“The project aims to solutions to problems in the mining sector that cannot be dealt with by conventional sensors, among them detectors of wear in heavy machinery. The creation of solid state sensors designed with appropriate nanostructured geometry and materials allows for better and more reliable detection” and with this, explained Álvaro Espejo, “it is possible to program and replace components with new ones to avoid costly unplanned stoppages in productive processes”.


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