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CEDENNA will receive an international CONICYT panel

August 31, 2012

On Wednesday, September 5, the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA) will receive the visit of an international panel in Chile to evaluate the scientific and technological research centers of excellence funded under the CONICYT Basal Program.

The evaluation sessions will take place between September 2nd and the 10th and will involve the 13 research centers throughout Chile supported by the CONICYT program, among them CEDENNA. Dr. Dora Altbir will make a presentation to the panel on CEDENNA and its nine research lines at a session in the Central Administration of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

The visiting panelists are Frances Toneguzzo from the United States, Terry Cutler from Australia and Jean-Claude Saut from France. They will evaluate the first years of operation of CEDENNA and the other centers that have received funding under the CONICYT program since 2008.


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