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Chilean experts in human reproduction pay homage to Dr. Horacio Croxatto

September 14, 2011

“Because of the scientific excellence and elegance” were among the reasons that the Chilean Society of Reproduction and Development paid homage to a distinguished Chilean scientist, the first act of homage of this organization since its founding in 1987

For his outstanding career, scientific accomplishments and contributions to the training of young researchers, the Chilean Society of Reproduction and Development honored the academic from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of the University of Santiago, Dr. Horacio Croxatto, is considered a world authority on contraception.

With more than 50 years of experience working in science, Professor Croxatto is responsible for accomplishments like the co-founding of the Chilean Society of Reproduction and Development, the creation of the Reproduction and Development Unit of the Catholic University of Chile, which “still carries on” as one person noted, the co-founding of the Chilean Institute of Reproductive Medicine (ICMER), and author of many important advances in the field of human reproductive and methods of contraception, among others.

He recently figured in public discussion and the development of legislation on the “morning after” pill in his role of the author of studies that show the contraceptive method is not abortive in nature.

“This recognition is deeply gratifying, but it is not for me personally so much as the progress that we have made in the understanding of the of oviduct, which is the fruit of the work of a team of students and collaborators that I have had the opportunity to lead”, declared Dr. Croxatto.


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