CEDENNA organizes numerous outreach activities, including conferences, talks, competitions, schools, seminars and exhibitions, to present its work to the general community, generating greater interest in science among the youth of our country.


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The link between communities and scientists goes on in our center

September 14, 2018

During the 110th anniversary of the School no. 1 of Lautaro (Region of La Araucanía), Dr. Eugenio Vogel was distinguished as an exemplary alumnus, together with the composer Horacio Salinas and the mayor Raúl Schfferli, for his outstanding career . On the other hand in La Calera (Valparaíso Region) Dr. Patricio Vargas gave a talk at the Fundadores school, which gathered a large number of students and professors to discuss about nanoscience and the impact of nanotechnology.


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