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Distinguished researcher discusses interesting magnetic properties at USACH

June 7, 2010

The distinguished scientist from the University of Minnesota, USA, offered a seminar entitled “An Investigation of Magnetic Reversal at Almost the Nanoscale” organized by the Millennium Nucleus on Magnetism of the University of Santiago of Chile.

The Millennium Nucleus “Basic and Applied Magnetism” hosted the visit to Chile of Dr. E. Dan Dalhberg, a professor from the School of Physics and Astronomy from the Institute of Technology of the University of Minnesota, who is considered one of the most influential scientists in the study of the magnetic properties of matter.

The director of the Magnetic Microscopy Center (MMC) of the University of Minnesota gave a seminar on “An Investigation of Magnetic Reversal at Almost the Nanoscale”, which was held in the Conference Room of the Physics Department of the University of Santiago of Chile.

“Increasing the fundamental understanding of magnetism at the nanometric and mesoscopic through new magnetic microscopy techniques” was one of the topics dealt with by Professor Dan Dalhberg in his presentation.

For Dora Altbir, the director of the Millennium Nucleus “Basic and Applied Magnetism”, the possibility of having visits to USACH by academics of this level represents an excellent opportunity to learn of new themes in the area of magnetism and to establish collaborations that can provide new opportunities for exchanges for our students.

This seminar was one of four that Dr. E. Dan Dahlberg gave in Chile, the other being with the Technical University Federico Santa María, the University of the Frontier and the Catholic University.

Dr. E. Dan Dahlberg received his under-graduate degree and Masters in Physics at the University of Texas in Arlington in 1970 and 1972, respectively, and his Doctorate from the University of California in Los Angeles, in 1978. He is currently Professor of Physics and Distinguished Professor of the School of Physics and Astronomy of the Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota. He is the director and principle researcher of the Magnetic Microscopy Center (MMC) under the same Institute and was recently the Distinguished Lecturer of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).


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