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Equipment / Food Packaging Laboratory

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    Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Mettler Toledo DSC 822

    This device is used for thermal analysis of polymeric materials, based on the principle of heat flow, it being possible to identify the type of material under analysis. It requires very small quantities of sample material, between 4 and 10 mg, using 40-mL aluminum crucibles. With this equipment it is possible to work at temperatures between -65 ºC and 450 ºC, at heating velocities form 0 to 20 K/min, with increases of 0.01 K/min, which allows for working methods of heating and cooling and even isothermal systems. As well, it is possible to work in environments of oxygen, nitrogen or air.

    Workplace: Department of Food Sciences and Technology, Packaging Laboratory (LABEN), University of Santiago, Obispo Manuel Umaña #050.

    Coordinator: Maria José Galotto López · · (56-2) 7184512, (56-2) 7764796 (Fax)


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