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Equipment / Food Packaging Laboratory

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    Extruder, Lab Tech LTE 20-40

    The extruder is designed for use at the laboratory level, in which its 20 mm screw allows for working with materials such as: LDPE, HDPE, PP, Nylon, PET, ABS, POM among others, with a capacity of approximately 100 kg of powder/hour, reaching temperatures of up to 800ºC and velocities of between 0 – 800 rpm. for the preparation of composites, nanocomposites, blends or mixtures of polymer materials. This equipment is linked to a chill roll that can produce films of up to approximately 125 mm in width, with regular thicknesses. As well, it has a system for producing pellets, with a water bath (LW-100) and pelletizer (LZ-120) to obtain granulated materials (pellets) for the production of master batches.

    Workplace: Department of Food Sciences and Technology, Packaging Laboratory, University of Santiago, Obispo Manuel Umaña #050.

    Coordinator: Maria José Galotto López · · (56-2) 7184512, (56-2) 7764796 (Fax)


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