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Equipment / Inorganic Synthesis and Electrochemistry Laboratory

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    Electrochemical Equipment: Autolab Potentiostat / -12 Galvanostat

    With this equipment we can perform voltametric studies (normal pulse voltammetry and differential, AC voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry, etc.) and it is also possible to realize crono potentiometries and crono amperometries to minors times than 0.1 s.

    This instrument has a FRA 2 module (Frequency Response Analyzer) to measure conductivity by the method of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

    The equipment has been used in studying the behavior of some electrode materials such as Li-ion battery, especially in the determination of diffusion coefficients of Li+ in the electrode and the determination of the capacity thereof. Electronic and / or ionic conductivities of some materials and polyelectrolytes (membranes prepared with conductive polymers, clays and ions).have been measured.

    Workplace: Departamento de Química, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile. Las Palmeras # 3425, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile.


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