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Equipment / Food Packaging Laboratory

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    RK Multicoater K-303

    This equipment applies liquid printing ink, paints, varnishes, adhesives and other surface coatings on materials such as: glass, paper and plastics at the laboratory scale and at room temperature, using different sized bars to control the thickness of coating with a range of 6 µm – 120 µm, over a maximum area of 350mm x 440mm. It is possible to control the velocity of application from 1 to 39 m/s. it can work with paper rolls of up to 375mm in thickness and 150 mm in diameter.

    Workplace: Department of Food Sciences and Technology, Packaging Laboratory, University of Santiago, Obispo Manuel Umaña #050.

    Coordinator: Maria José Galotto López · · (56-2) 7184512, (56-2) 7764796 (Fax)


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