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From CEDENNA, the University and Business Discuss Initiatives in Science and Technology

August 18, 2010

Developing the relationship between science and business is one of the strategic lines on which the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of USACH is working in conjunction with the main associative organizations of the country, among them notably SOFOFA.

The Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, CEDENNA, met with the Society for Industrial Promotion, SOFOFA, to discuss several themes, among them possible joint action in priorities areas for the productive sector and the research center, considering the experience of the two institutions in research and development and university-enterprise links.

The meeting, which included a visit to the laboratories of the Universidad de Santiago, was attended by the director of CEDENNA, Dora Altbir, the President of SOFOFA, Andrés Concha, the Vice-Rector for Research and Development of the Universidad de Santiago, Mauricio Escudey, the General Secretary of SOFOFA Cristóbal Philippi, the Corporate Manager, Jorge Ortúzar, and the Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of SOFOFA and the General Manager of CEDENNA, Claudio Bitrán.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange vision regarding the work of the Center for Excellence of USACH, with particular emphasis on applied research. As well, both parties discussed possible joint actions in priority areas for the productive sector and cutting-edge research being undertaken by researchers of the University. Dora Altbir emphasized CEDENNA’s interest in drawing upon the experience and connections of SOFOFA with the productive sector in addressing the challenges facing Chile in the areas of science and technology.

The President of SOFOFA, Andrés Concha, maintained that this relationship between scientists and impresarios, which has been developing in recent years, could be expanded much more, so that a climate of mutual collaboration can be constructed between them for the benefit of everyone. “Countries progress thanks to the incorporation of knowledge in productive processes and the country that achieves this gains competitiveness, and with this, the country is the winner”, stated the leader of SOFOFA.

For the Vice-Rector of Research and Development of the Universidad de Santiago, Mauricio Escudey, this encounter represents a potential link with a significant number of enterprises, which, he pointed out, is not only important for CEDENNA but also for the university as a whole, as diverse opportunities can arise that enhance the relationship between the university and enterprises to their mutual benefit.

SOFOFA promotes industrial development and the economic growth of the country, advocating and/or proposed public policies that encourage investment, entrepreneurship, ongoing training of human resources and the generation of employment, as well as private initiatives, free markets and opening to international trade.

The organizations brings together close to 2,500 businesses, 38 sectoral associations and 8 regional business groupings, represented by different industrial associations that together encompass 100% of industrial activity in Chile and account for 30% of GNP. Hence the importance of this encounter for CEDENNA, which, among its objectives is to carry out intensive work with the productive sector, linking businesses to new knowledge and thus directly benefitting all citizens.

“The challenges are multiple, and the results depend on the concurrence of diverse actors. Scientists, universities, governments and the private sector should be more closely linked in order to jointly address the challenges that face the country in areas of science, technology and innovation for Chile’s Bicentenary”, concluded the Director of CEDENNA, Dora Altbir.


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