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Ricardo Ramírez Leiva

Phone(s): (56-2) 27183404
Edificio de Centros de Investigación Rector Eduardo Morales Santos | Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Avda. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3363, Estación Central, Santiago - Chile.

Professional Degree

  • Ingeniero Civil Electricista, Universidad de Chile.
  • Ph. D., Universidad de California, Berkeley.

Research Areas

  • Matter Condensed physics.

National and International Committees and Honors

  • Fellow American Physical Society.


  • “Numerical Simulations in Condensed Matter Physics” Proyecto Fondecyt No. 1040356 (2004).

Conferences (2006 to date)

  • “Energy global minima of nanocluster structures”, Proceeding of the 14th International Symposium Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, Ioffe Institute, 148 (2006), St. Petersburg, Rusia.
  • “Encapsulation of magnetic material”, Flemish-Chilean Symposium, Santiago, Chile 17-18 April 2007.
  • “Comparison of phenomenological and ab-initio potentials for Palladium clusters” Flemisch-Chilean Collaboration, Leuwen, Belgium, 29-May-2007.
  • “Atomic clusters structures”, Conference on Computational Physics, Brussels September 5-8, 2007.


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