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The transmission electron microscope (TEM) incorporates analysis of biological samples

February 20, 2017

The TEM that CEDENNA purchased this year has had new microscopic techniques incorporated like a pre-irradiation mode and high contrast imaging aimed especially at meeting the requirements of the biological sciences. Until now the application of the TEM has been focused on samples in suspension for the area of material sciences. The updating of the functions of the devices will broaden its applications in this area. The TEM is a Hitachi Model HT7700, at 120 kV, with high resolution (HR) and high contrast (HC) functions. It also has an EXALENS system that provides for a resolution of 0.14 nm. Extended for the TEM include a general software review and training by provided by the supplier.

Dr. Juliano Denardin, who is in charge of the microscope, and Dr. Jim Kilcrease, an engineer from Nanotechnology Systems of Hitachi High Technologies Inc.


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