Has built alliances with the main business associations in Chile in pursuit of meeting the challenges in Chile in the areas of science and technology.

CEDENNA: Opening the doors to the development of
new technologies

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A new website will soon be available for private companies.

Technological development in Chile is often incremental and innovation is understood as improving processes and products. This type of innovation is highly necessary but by itself is not sufficient for a company, a region or a country to remain competitive. To do that it is necessary to produce new knowledge and transform it into innovations that generate value. This in turn requires an effective chain of science-knowledge-technology-applications-products that results in innovative and competitive products and services. Without science and knowledge of excellence, the chain will not get started or else soon comes to a stop.

In CEDENNA we work on the initial part of the chain, generating new knowledge and exploring the area of application of this knowledge, opening doors to the development of new technologies. Working in close collaboration with the private sector, we identify a concrete research area of strategic importance where basic research can provide solution. If the results of our research are positive, they will generate new technological possibilities that together with private companies can be transformed into highly innovative and competitive applications and products and services. Key to this process is a common strategy among everyone involved, increasing the possibilities of finding future applications of the results of basic research by working on themes that form of the strategic plans of private sector companies.

A new website will soon be available that will offer the business community consulting services and technological developments in different productive areas.


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