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With the support of CEDENNA:

Scientists from the southern cone meet in Valparaíso on the study of matter

November 26, 2010

The 5th South American Encounter on Inelastic Collisions of Matter seeks to promote regional scientific exchanges and cooperation among Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The Physics Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, the General Directory of Research and Post-Graduate Studies of the same university and the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA), has organized the fifth South American Encounter on Inelastic Collisions of Matter, to be held in Valparaiso from November 30 to December 2, 2010.

This initiative is the continuation of the earlier encounters in Gramado, Brazil in 2002, in Viña del Mar, Chile in 2004, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2006 and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil el 2008.

For the doctor in Physics and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the fifth version, Jorge Valdés stated, “this encounter emerged out of the need to foster the exchange of ideas and discussion on experimental themes, both applied and theoretical, in the areas of particle interaction and the interaction of radiation with matter”.

The professor from the Universidad Federico Santa María added that scientists from Argentina, Brazil and Chile and other countries have participated in every encounter, “and on this occasion we will have the participation of researchers from Spain and France”, he added.

Undergraduate and graduate students and young scientists from the region will participate in this event, providing them with the opportunity to meet with other researchers in the region, thus generating the possibility of exchange and collaboration among different research groups.

On this occasion, as in the previous four encounters, the meeting will cover the different areas related to basic study of the ion interaction with solids, surfaces and gases, and their applications; new methods of computer simulations and fundamental theoretical developments. This set of themes is focused mainly on the study of fundamental phenomena, the development and characterization of new materials at the nanoscopic level and their physical properties, with a view to their future technological applications.

Studies will be presented in the areas of spectroscopy, used to characterize materials and nanostructures, as well as new knowledge at the theoretical and experimental levels about fundamental phenomena of the interaction of ions with atoms and molecules and processes of load exchange.

The current event will include presentations that will inform participants about the general aspects of current experimental facilities in the countries of the region to promote scientific exchange. The meeting will include more than 60 presentations in conferences and panel discussions, with the participation of a great number of young Latin American scientists and graduate students.


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