CEDENNA organizes numerous outreach activities, including conferences, talks, competitions, schools, seminars and exhibitions, to present its work to the general community, generating greater interest in science among the youth of our country.


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With support from CEDENNA:

USACH Millennium Nucleus awards scholarships to 30 students to attend an international workshop on Nanomagnetism

March 17, 2011

The workshop, which will take place in the city of Los Andes, is being organized in the framework of the Academic and Collaborative Agreement between USACH and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico.

Close to 80 researchers and students from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Chile from different universities with common interest in the area of magnetism will meet at the Third Chile-Mexico Workshop on Magnetism, Nanoscience and their Applications, which will take place March 27 – 29 in the city of Los Andes, Chile.

The Millennium Nucleus on Basic and Applied Magnetism of the Universidad de Santiago of Chile awarded scholarships to 30 undergraduate, master and doctoral students who do research on magnetism, nanoscience and nanotechnology for them to attend the Workshop.

Over three days, the benefitting students will know first hand the scope of current scientific activity in these disciplines and will be able to relate to researchers who work in the area through interactions generated in the conferences programmed for the Workshop.

Among the students who received scholarships, 10 are from the Universidad de Santiago, 8 from the Universidad de Chile, 4 from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, 3 from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and 5 from different universities in Mexico.

Among the overseas researchers who will participate in this event, supported by the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA), are Manuel Vázquez, from the Material Science Institute of Madrid (Spain); Roberto Zysler, from the Balseiro Institute, Bariloche Atomic Center (Argentina), Flavio García from the National Light Synchrotron Laboratory, Campinas (Brazil) and José Luis Morán López, from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma (Mexico), among others.


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