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November 27: Seminar “New Trends and Technologies in the Development of Food Packaging: The Application of Nanotechnology in New Developments”

November 14, 2012

With the objective of discussion the most important trends in the development new materials for food packaging using nanotechnology, active packaging and eco-friendly materials, the seminar “New Trends and Technologies in the Development of Food Packaging: The Application Nanotechnology in New Developments” will take place on Tuesday, November 27. The event is organized by the Food Packaging Laboratory of CEDENNA, the Center for Food Packaging Technology (CETEA) and the Food Technology Institute (ITAL).

The seminar with include the participation of distinguished researchers, among them the Director of the Food Packaging Laboratory, María José Galotto, the Directors of Center for Food Packaging Technology, Assis García and Eloísa García, the Director of ITAL, Luis Madi and the CETEA researchers, Claire Sarantópoulos and Marisa Padula.

Among the themes that will be addressed are:

“Innovation and competitiveness in the food sector”
“Food and drink consumer trends: opportunities for innovation in the plastic packaging industry”
“Nanotechnology as a tool in the development of food packaging”
“Legislative requirements regarding food packaging”
“Trends in plastic packaging for the fruit industry”
“The regulatory situation for active packaging and nanocomposites”
“Global demands and requirements in search of packaging with less environmental impact”
“Technology transfer model for developments in food packaging”

The seminar will take place from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm at the Hotel Providencia (Francisco Noguera Nº 146, Providencia). There will be simultaneous translation.

The seminar has a cost of registration of $ 120.000 (chilean weights)
Information to Maria Jose Guzman / 7184525 / mariajose.guzman @ usach.cl


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