Contributes to the education of scientists qualified for developing both basic and applied research.

Investigation Areas

Multidisciplinary Research

Nanoscience and nanotechnology study the phenomenon and manipulation of materials at the atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales, at which properties differ substantially from those observed at larger scales. Its scope extends to the full spectrum of the sciences and includes fields like medicine, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Owing to their applications, these disciplines constitutes important motors of the new industry and the knowledge society.


This group has developed expertise in the areas of establishing the structure and properties of metallic clusters and nanotubes filled with magnetic and non-magnetic elements, based on first principles and classical methods. The group has become well established internationally in the field of exchange bias, a phenomenon with interesting applications in the recording industry and in the fabrication of a variety of sensors. This experience might prove useful in the investigation of the characteristics of clusters in biomedicine. Currently, determining the structure of a molecule, cluster, or crystal is one of the most fundamental and important tasks in solid-state physics and chemistry. Practically all physical properties of a system depend on its structure. We intend to put this expertise, which includes several modeling techniques, like first principles quantum mechanical calculations (DFT), semi-classical computations, Monte Carlo methods, etc. at the disposal of the Packaging, Environmental, and Biomedicine and Biochemistry groups, in order to attack the specific problems that these groups encounter in their research and for which they require basic science modeling and/or understanding.



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