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Deadline to July 15, 2012

CEDENNA and the INNOVO Center have convened the First Grants Commission for Entrepreneurship in Nanotechnology

July 15, 2012

The grants competition seeks to promote news businesses based on the results of nanotechnology research undertaken by Chilean universities in which researchers; academics and students participate in collaboration.

The Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA) and the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer (INNOVA), both of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, call on researchers, academics and students to create enterprises in different areas of nanotechnology to strengthen capacities the promote the economic-social and scientific-technological development of our country.

The two institutions have united to support technological entrepreneurship, taking into account the modalities that value the results of research, among them the incorporation of nanotechnology in new products or services that will allow the creation of new technology-based spin-off companies which in turn have factors for success such as new and competitive products or processes, innovative markets, knowledge of business models to be incorporated into markets and the development of new business models for emerging markets.

Requisites for the applicants

  1. Entrepreneurs throughout Chile (citizens and foreigners with permanent residence in Chile) can participate in the first INNOVA-CEDENNA National Competition for Entrepreneurship in Nanotechnologies, without age limit. Applicants much have an innovative entrepreneurial project in nanoscience and nanotechnology that applies to the categories of the competition.
  2. Individuals over 18 years of age and incorporated bodies can apply. Persons can apply as individuals or as a team.
  3. Applicants must present a letter of support or sponsorship from an associate researcher in CEDENNA.
  4. In the case of applications by teams, one team member should be designated as the team leader, who will represent the group. Any change in the composition of the group should be reported to the INNOVA Center by email: emprendimiento@innovo.usach.cl.
  5. Applications for the first INNOVA-CEDENNA National Competition for Entrepreneurship in Nanotechnologies can be made only online through the websites www.innovo.cl and www.cedenna.cl, with the deadline date and time indicated in the application guidelines.
  6. The competition organizers will confirm receipt of the application and business profile.
  7. Each person or team can register for only one project for each of the categories indicated in the application guidelines.


Winners of the competition will be granted $2,500,000 pesos, which should be used in operational activities of the project in accordance with the application guidelines.

Value: $2,000,000.

Hatchery service: Strengthening technological business (definition, formulation of a business plan and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit). This process involves training workshops and coaching by professionals and advisors from the business hatchery of the INNOVA Center USACH. The entrepreneur and the complete team in the case of team projects should participate in workshops planned for this process.

Presentation to public and/or private funding sources: Presentation of the business proposal to public funding sources (Innova Chile of CORFO, Conicyt, FIA, among others) and networks of angel investors associated with the INNOVA-USACH hatchery (provided the project meets the presentation criteria and the business plan is sufficiently developed).


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