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CEDENNA strengthens cooperative links with Malaysia

November 14, 2014

The researcher Zakaria Sarani of the University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia (UKM) was very interested in the technological projects of CEDENNA she saw during her recent visit

With the aim of establishing strong collaborative relationships with scientists in different countries around the world that raise the visibility of the scientific work being undertaken in Chile, CEDENNA received the visit of Dr Sarani from the University of Kebangsaan in Malaysia. Dr. Sarani met with CEDENNA’s director, Dr. Dora Altbir, and with the directors of the research lines of Magnetism and Food Packaging, Drs. Juliano Denardin and María José Galotto, respectively.

“Since its beginnings, CEDENNA has built a collaborative network with scientists in more than 40 countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the USA, Spain and Germany. Dr. Sarani’s is a clear example of how CEDENNA continues to broaden its frontiers”, stated Dr. Altbir.

Dr. Zakaria Sarani visited CEDENNA’s food packaging laboratory and learned about the research being done in the center on polymers and biologically-based materials.

Professor Sarani obtained her doctorate from the Institute of Science and Technology of the University of Manchester, UK. She is currently with the Materials Science Program of the University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia (UKM) and is the Head of Biological and Biorefining Resources Laboratory of the Research Group of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the same University.


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