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The video contest to highlight Chilean women scientists now has its winners

November 15, 2016

The national Video Contest on Chilean Women in Science has selected the winners in the two categories of the competition, students and the general public.  The jury highlights the quality and creativity of the 68 videos received that seek to show the contribution of Chilean women scientists to our country

The jury and the organizing committee of the National Contest of Videos on Chilean Women in Science are pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the first contest, organized by the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, the Center for Mathematical Modeling, the Chilean Academy of Science and the Iberoamerican Network of Science Academies.

In the student category, the first prize went to the video Dr. Lilian Jara and her project of genetic markers for breast cancer, produced by Belén Aguilera, Sofía López, Ana Laura Palma and Lía Díaz, 5th and 6th year high-school students from Rosa Ester Alessandri Rodríguez School.

Second place in this category went to the work Paola Cañón, which deals with work of the doctor in molecular genetics and microbiology, and was produced by Sofia Bardi, Fiorella Ullrich and Romina Toro, third year high school students from the Italian School Vittorio Montiglio.

Honorable mentions went to the audiovisual works Paulina Lira, woman scientist, by Cristian López from Paine Modern School; Getting to Know a Chilean women scientist, by Javiera Maldonado and Jorge Trigo from Elvira Hurtado de Matte School; Margaret Lengerich, by Sofía Castillo and Héctor Corvalán, from Antilhue School in La Florida, and The big bang Maritza, by Diana Campos, Catalina Fuentes, Julián Muñoz and Axel Castro, from Coya School in Machalí.

In the General Public category the first prize went tot the video Science and adventures in the sea, by Rolando Yáñez and César Villarroel, which deals with the work of the marine biologist Catalina Ruz.

The second prize went to the video The importance of what is small, by Pablo Gutiérrez, which highlights the contribution of the doctor of Physics, María Luisa Cordero Garayar.

The videos Paulina Bahamonde, research and inspiration from Patagonia, from the group led by Gustavo Chiang; Evolution after teeth, from the group led by Alberto Gajardo; Grain of sand, sent by Luis Morgado and his group, and Maruja animada, by Claudia Juárez were distinguished with honorable mention in this category.

The members of the jury were Claudia Pascual, Minister of Women’s Affairs and Gender Equity; María Teresa Ruíz, President of the Chilean Academy of Science; Dora Altbir, Director of CEDENNA and member of the Chilean Academy of Science; Alejandro Jofré, director of the Mathematical Modeling Center of the Universidad de Chile; Soledad Onetto, journalist and radio and TV host, and Natalia Mackenzie, director of the Explora Program of CONICYT.

The first prizewinners in each category will be awarded the equivalent of one million pesos in electronic products, while the second prizewinners will receive the equivalent of three hundred thousand pesos.

The contest was hosted on the platform www.cientificaschilenas.cl, and was open fro April 15 to August 9 2016. Some 68 videos were submitted by 154 participants from 16 cities. Of the participants, 58 were in the general public category, and 96 in the student category.

This first version of video contest was notable for the high quality of the videos received and the contribution that contest has made to public debate by encouraging community knowledge about the important work that Chilean women are doing in science nationally and globally.

The members of the jury congratulate the winners and recipients of honorable mention, while the organizers of the event thank all the participants for their contributions, diversity and enthusiasm.

The videos are available in the official channel of contest in YouTube at: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgxOo9txADIQ5zNlsXEe8PQ) and will also be available in our Facebook fanpage at: (https://www.facebook.com/cientificaschilenas) and in our Twitter account @chilenasciencia.


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