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3rd and 4th grade elective curriculum will include Nanochemistry

November 15, 2019

With the aim of “reorganizing school time to students can choose subjects according their vocation and interests” and thus, “better prepared for higher education”, the Ministry of Education presented the new school curriculum in order to modernize the programs for 3rd and 4th grade students.
This new curriculum, which will be implemented gradually in 2020 with 3rd grade students, to involve the 4th grade in 2021, includes, among its learning objectives, the branch of nanoscience related to the production and reactions of nanoparticles and their compounds: nanochemistry.

Specifically, in the new curriculum, it is expected that the students of humanist – scientific education institutions acquire the ability to “evaluate the development of scientific and technological knowledge in polymer nanochemistry, considering their applications and consequences in areas such as environmental, medical, agricultural and industrial ”.
For the first time, among the curricular contents of chemistry, students will be able to deepen the nanochemistry; a change that could contribute to more young people interested in knowing and specializing in the field of Nanoscience after their move to higher education.


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