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Andrés Vega Carvallo

Phone(s): (56-2) 6618260 , (56-2) 6618269
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Departamento de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Andres Bello.
Avda. República 440, Santiago, Chile.

Conferences (2006 TO DATE)

  • A. Vega, C. Acuña, A. M. García, J. Manzur. “Complejos diméricos piramidales de cobre(II) con puentes cloruro o hidroxilo. Preferencia syn-anti.” XXVI Jornadas Chilenas de Química. Chile-Concepción, 2006. (Poster).
  • D. Venegas-Yazigi , J. Manzur , H. Mora , A. Vega , M. Salah El Fallah , A. Escuer.”Magnetic Properties of Dimeric and Trimeric Copper(II) Complexes with Pyridylaminophenol Ligands”. 10th International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets. Canada-Victoria, B.C. 2006.
  • J. Manzur, A. Vega, A. M. García, C. Acuña, M. Sieger, W. Kaim. “Alternativas de coordinación en complejos dinucleares bis(piridina-2-ilalquil)bencilamina cobre(II) con puentes OH-, MeO-, F- o Cl-. Estructuras experimentales vs. Preferencias teóricas”. XI Encuentro de Química Inorgánica. Chile-Valparaíso. 2007.
  • J. Manzur, H. Mora, A. Vega, E. Spodine, M. T. Garland, M. Salah El Fallah, A. Escuer. “Complejos de cobre(II) con puentes fenoxo axial-ecuatorial con nuevos ligantes polipodales. Estructuras cristalinas y propiedades magnéticas”. XI Encuentro de Química Inorgánica. Chile-Valparaíso. 2007.
  • V Muñoz A., A. Vega, C. Escobar. “Estructura de tetra-ter-butil-cis,cis-3,7-dimetoxibiciclo[3.3.0]octa-2,6-dieno-2,4-exo,6,8-exotetracarbo-xilato” XXVIII Jornadas Chilenas de Química. Chile-Chillán, 2009. (Poster).
  • M. Rioja, K. Letelier, A. Vega, M. Fuentealba. “Coordinación de un fragmento organometálico de rutenio a derivados orgánicos policíclicos” XXVIII Jornadas Chilenas de Química. Chile-Chillán, 2009. (Poster).
  • K. Brown, P. Aguirre, A. Vega, V. Paredes, D. Venegas-Yazigi, E. Spodine “Oxidación de Olefinas Catalizada por el Sistema Bimetálico Laminar:[Cu(bipy)(en)]n[{Cu(bipy)(H2O)}]n[(VO3)4n]” K. Brown, P. Aguirre, A. Vega, V. Paredes, D. Venegas-Yazigi, E. Spodine XXVIII Jornadas Chilenas de Química. Chile-Chillán, 2009. (Poster).
  • P. Hermosilla, W. Cañón-Mancisidor, D. Venegas-Yazigi, E. Spodine,A. Vega, F. Caruso, J. Costamagna “Sintesis y caracterización estructural de un nuevo trimero oxo centrado de hierro (III)”.XXVIII Jornadas Chilenas de Química. Chile-Chillán, 2009. (Poster).
  • P. Hermosilla, D. Venegas-Yazigi, J. Costamagna, E. Spodine, A. Vega, F. Caruso, E. Le Fur. “Boro-vanadium polyoxometallate (POM) functionalized with a nickel (II) complex” 13th IUPAC International Symposium on MacroMolecular Complexes, Chillán, Concepción, CHILE, 2009.
  • D. Venegas-Yazigi, P. Hermosilla-Ibáñez, K. Brown, V. Paredes-García, J. Costamagna, A. Vega, E. Le Fur, E. Spodine. “Magnetic Properties of compounds presenting different countercations and crystal packing based on the [V12B18O60H6] Cluster” The 12th International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets. Beijing, China, October 08-12, 2010.
  • M. Rioja, K. Letelier, A. Vega, M. Fuentealba. “Crystalline and electronic structure of organometallic ruthenium fragment linked to policyclic organic compounds.” 24th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC 2010).


  1. M. Saldías, N. Guzmán, F. Palominos, C. Sandoval-Altamirano, G. Günther, N. Pizarro, A. Vega
    Electronic and Photophysical Properties of ReI(CO)3Br Complexes Modulated by Pyrazolyl–Pyridazine Ligands
    ACS Omega2019434679-4690
  2. N. Pizarro, M. Saldías, N. Guzmán, C. Sandoval-Altamirano, S. Kahlal, J-Y. Saillard, J-R. Hamon, A. Vega
    1IL and 3MLCT excited states modulated by H+: the structure and photophysical properties of [(2-bromo-5-(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyrazine)Re(CO)3Br]
    New J. Chem., 2019,43, 2449-2457

  1. B. Baldo, F. Rubio, E. Flores, A. Vega, N. Audebrand, D. Venegas-Yazigi, Verónica Paredes-García
    Ni2[LnCl6] (Ln = EuII, CeII, GdII): the first LnII compounds stabilized in a pure inorganic lattice
    Chem. Commun., 2018,54, 7531-7534
  2. P. Cancino, L. Santibañez, P. Fuentealba, C. Olea, A. Vega, E. Spodine
    Heterometallic CuII/LnIII polymers active in the catalytic aerobic oxidation of cycloalkenes under solvent-free conditions
    Dalton Trans., 2018,47, 13360-13367

  1. G. Prado, M.B. Ibañez, A. Acosta, E. Chamorro, P. Hermosilla-Ibáñez, G. Günther, N. Pizarro, A. Vega
    Kinetics and photophysical behavior of the P,N-ReI complex [P,N-{(C6H5)2(C5H4N)P}Re(CO)3(O-O3SCF3)]: A directly coordinated (and labile) triflate
    Polyhedron 137, 222-230
  2. P. Hermosilla-Ibáñez, K. Wrighton-Araneda, G. Prado, V. Paredes-García, N. Pizarro, A. Vega, D. Venegas-Yazigi
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    Dalton Trans., 2017,46, 8611-8620
  3. M. Saldías, J. Manzur, R.E. Palacios, M.L. Gómez, J. De La Fuente, G. Günther, N. Pizarro, A. Vega
    The binuclear dual emitter [Br(CO)3Re(P⋯N)(N⋯P)Re(CO)3Br] (P⋯N): 3-chloro-6-(4-diphenylphosphinyl)butoxypyridazine, a new bridging P,N-bidentate ligand resulting from the ring opening of tetrahydrofuran
    Dalton Trans., 2017,46, 1567-1576 | Published 7 Feb

  1. P. Mella, K. Cabezas, C. Cerda, M. Cepeda-Plaza, G. Günther, N. Pizarro, A. Vega
    Solvent, coordination and hydrogen-bond effects on the chromic luminescence of the cationic complex [(phen)(H2O)Re(CO)3]+
    New J. Chem., 2016,40, 6451-6459 | Published 1 Jul
  2. C. Cruz, E. Spodine, A. Vega, D. Venegas-Yazigi, V. Paredes-García
    Novel 3d/4f Metal Organic Networks Containing CoII Chiral Chains
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  3. P. Cancino, A. Vega, A. Santiago-Portillo, S. Navalon, M. Alvaro, P. Aguirre, E. Spodine, H. García
    A novel copper(II)–lanthanum(III) metal organic framework as a selective catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of benzylic hydrocarbons and cycloalkenes
    Catal. Sci. Technol., 2016,6, 3727-3736; Published (Web) 14 Jan 2016

  1. D. Toledo, R. Baggio, E. Freire, A. Vega, N. Pizarro, Y. Moreno
    Structure and spectroscopy of two new bases for building block: Terpyridine derivatives
    Journal of Molecular Structure 1102 (2015) 18-24; Published 15 Dec 2015
  2. H. Gallardo, M. Cepeda-Plaza, S. Nonell, G. Günther, E. Chamorro, N. Pizarro, A. Vega
    Structural and photophysical properties of [(CO)3(phen) Re(l-Br)Re(phen)(CO)3]+[(CO)3Re(u-Br)3Re(CO)3]: Where does its luminescence come from?
    Polyhedron 97 (2015) 227–233; Published 5 Sep 2015

  1. P. Hermosilla-Ibáñez, J. Costamagna, A. Vega, V. Paredes-García, M.T. Garland, E.Le Fur, E. Spodine, D. Venegas-Yazigi
    Protonated diamines as linkers in the supramolecular assemblies bases on the [V12B18O60H6] polyoxovanadoborate anion
    Journal of Structural Chemistry December 2014, Volume 55, Issue 8, pp 1453-1465; Published December 2014

  1. A. Carreño, M. Gacitua, E. Schott, X. Zarate, J.M. Manriquez, M. Preite, S. Ladeira, A. Castel, N. Pizarro, A. Vega, I. Chavez, R. Arratia-Perez
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    New J. Chem., 2015,39, 5725-5734; Published 01 Jul 2015
  2. R.M. Spada, M. Cepeda-Plaza, M.L. Gómez, G. Günther, P. Jaque, N. Pizarro, R.E. Palacios, A. Vega
    Clean Singlet Oxygen Production by a Re I Complex Embedded in a Flexible Self-Standing Polymeric Silsesquioxane Film.
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015, 119 (18), pp 10148–10159; Published (Web) 15 April 2015
  3. N. Pizarro, M. Duque, E. Chamorro, S. Nonell, J. Manzur, J.R. de la Fuente, G. Günther, M. Cepeda-Plaza, A. Vega
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    J. Phys. Chem. A, 2015, 119 (17), pp 3929–3935; Published (Web) 8 April 2015
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  4. J. Manzur, A. Vega, A. Escuer
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    Polyhedron 76, 117-121

  1. P. Cancino, E. Spodine, V. Paredes-Garcia, D. Venegas-Yazigi, A. Vega
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    1,1′:4′,1”-Terphenyl-2′,5′-dicarboxylic acid dimethylsulfoxide-d6 disolvate
    Acta Crystallographica (2012). E68, o1192; Published 1 April 2012


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