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Associate researchers

Juan Pablo García-Huidobro

Phone(s): (56) 2 27181144

Av. Libertador Bernardo OHiggins 3363, Estación Central, Santiago, Chile


  1. M.V. Donoso, F. Hernández, J.P. Huidobro-Toro
    Cellular Mechanisms Associated to the Spontaneous and the Mechanically-Stimulated ATP Release by Mesentery Endothelial Cells
    Purinergic Signalling (2019) 14:S1–S122
  2. J.P. Huidobro-Toro, V. Latapiat, N. Barrera
    Combined in silico plus electrophysiological studies identify molecular determinants of ivermectin and zinc P2X4R allosterism
    Purinergic Signalling (2018) 14(Suppl 1): 1

  1. M.V. Donoso, M.J. Mascayano, I.M. Poblete, J.P. Huidobro-Toro
    Increased ATP and ADO Overflow From Sympathetic Nerve Endings and Mesentery Endothelial Cells Plus Reduced Nitric Oxide Are Involved in Diabetic Neurovascular Dysfunction
    Front. Pharmacol., 2018, 9:546
  2. M.V. Donoso, F. Hernández, T. Villalón, C. Acuña-Castillo, J.P. Huidobro-Toro
    Pharmacological dissection of the cellular mechanisms associated to the spontaneous and the mechanically stimulated ATP release by mesentery endothelial cells: roles of thrombin and TRPV
    Purinergic Signalling (2018) 14:121–139
  3. D. Riquelme, I. Silva, A.M. Philp, J.P. Huidobro-Toro, O. Cerda, J.S. Trimmer, E. Leiva-Salcedo
    Subcellular Localization and Activity of TRPM4 in Medial Prefrontal Cortex Layer 2/3
    Front. Cell. Neurosci., 30 January 2018

  1. V. Latapiat, F.E. Rodríguez, F. Godoy, F.A. Montenegro, N.P. Barrera, J.P. Huidobro-Toro
    P2X4 Receptor in Silico and Electrophysiological Approaches Reveal Insights of Ivermectin and Zinc Allosteric Modulation
    Front. Pharmacol., 15 December 2017
  2. E. Leiva, J.P. Huidobro-Toro
    Neurotransmitter Storage and Recycling: Two Transporter Families Govern Complementary Synaptic Roles with Vast Medical Applications and Therapeutic Perspectives: A Commentary
    Open Access J Neurol Neurosurg 4(3): OAJNN.MS.ID.555636 (2017)

  1. F.A. Peralta, J.P. Huidobro-Toro
    Zinc as Allosteric Ion Channel Modulator: Ionotropic Receptors as Metalloproteins
    Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17(7), 1059; Published 2 Jul 2016

  1. J.P. Huidobro-Toro, V. Donoso, V. Flores, B. Santelices
    ATP and related purines stimulate motility, spatial congregation and coalescence in red algal spores.
    J. Phycol. 51, 247–254 (2015); Published April 2015


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