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Associate researchers

Luis Constandil Córdova

Phone(s): Phone: (56-2) 718 1092 , (56-2) 6812108
Laboratorio de Neurobiología, Facultad de Química y Biologia, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.
Avda. Libertador Bernardo OHiggins 3363, Estación Central, Santiago, Chile.

Current Occupation

  • Associate Researcher.

Professional Degree

  • Licenciate in Biological Sieneces, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
  • Doctor in Biological Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Research Areas

  • Neurobiology.
  • Pain.
  • Animal Behaviour.


  • DYCIT 02-0843CC “Role of cortical glial in the corticofuga modulation of trigeminal nociceptive inputs: Potential target for new therapies for craniofacial pain ” 2008-2010. Principal Researcher.
  • DYCIT 020343CC. “Involvement of cortical circuits in orofacial pain modulation: Anatomic-functional studies in a model of nociception in the rat trigeminal” 2003-2004. Principal Researcher.
  • DYCIT 020343HK. “Role of spinal glia in the chronic pain pathogenesis: Neurophysiological study in an experimental monoarthritis model”. 2001-2003. Co-principal Reasercher.
  • FONDECYT 1090476. “A putative role for BDNF in generating a transcription-dependent feed-forward loop in the spinal dorsal horn, and its involvement in the persistence of neuropathic pain” 2009-2011. Co-principal Reasercher.
  • FONDECYT 1070115. “Role of spinal glia in the chronic pain pathogenesis: study neurophysiologic in an experimental monoarthritis model with human projection. 2007-2009. Co-principal Reasercher.
  • FONDECYT 1050099. “Role of cortico-trigeminal circuits and mediators in the etiopatiogénia of migraine: an experimental study with human projections”. 2005-2007. Principal Researcher.
  • FONDECYT 1000025. ” Somatostatinérgica innervation of the brainstem and their role in the modulation of respiratory pattern generator. Study in newborn mice”. 2000-2002. Co-principal Reasercher.
  • FONDECYT 2950084. “Characterization of the suprachiasmatic nucleus as circadian oscillator in the fetal lamb”. 1995-1996. Principal Researcher.
  • ECOS-CONICYT C08 S03 “Studies of the neurobiological mechanisms involved in the origin of headaches”. 2009-2011. Principal Researcher.
  • ECOS-CONICYT C04 S01 “Mechanisms of cortical plasticity involved in the pathophysiology of orofacial pain”. 2005-2007. Principal Researcher.
  • ECOS-CONICYT C00S02. ” Potentiation of antinociceptive effect of an antidepressant for an antagonist of 5-HT1A receptors: a study of the action mechanism”. 2001-2003. Co-principal Reasercher.


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    Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 15, No 4 (2012); Published 15 Jul 2012


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