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Associate researchers

Samuel Baltazar Rojas

Phone(s): (56-2) 7183412
Edificio de Investigación Rector Eduardo Morales Santos, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.
Av. Lib. Bernardo O´Higgins 3363, Estación Central, Santiago, Chile.

Current Occupation

  • Researcher.

Professional Degree

  • Licentiate in Physics (PUC, Chile), Master in Applied Sciences (IPICyT, Mexico).
  • Doctor in Applied Sciences Nanoscience and nanotechnology (IPICyT, Mexico).

Research Areas

  • Materials science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Microelectronics.


  • Study and Aplications of nanoparticles in polymeric matrices, and in the removal of contaminants. PBCT-CONICYT: 79090022 (2010).

Conferences (2006 to date)

  • XLVI National Congress of Physics, Mexican Physical Society, October 27-31 (2003), Merida, Mexico.
Poster session: A new road to ferrocene dissociation S. E. Baltazar, A. L. Elıas, J. A. Rodrıguez-Manzo, H. Terrones, M. Terrones, A. H. Romero.
  • Frontiers in Materials Research, IAM-CIMAT-CONICYT Workshop, April 26-29 (2004), Vi˜na del mar, Chile.
Poster session: Production and characterization of ferromagnetic alloyed nanowires inside carbon nanotubes, A. L. Elıas, J. A. Rodrıguez-Manzo, A. Zamudio, S. E. Baltazar, F. Lopez-Urıas, E. Mu˜noz-Sandoval, H. Terrones, M. Terrones, M. R.McCartney, D. J.Smith, D. Golberg, C. H. Tang, Y. Bando.
  • Fifth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes, July 19-24 (2004), San Luis Potosı, Mexico.
Poster session:Carbon nanotube/Polymer composite from ATRP polystyrene grafted CNx MWNT, B. Fragneaud, K. Massinelliy-Varlot, A. Gonzales-Montiel, M. Terrones, J. Y. Cavaille, A. L. Elıas, J. A. Rodrıguez Manzo, A. Zamudio, S. E. Baltazar, H. Terrones.
  • Fifth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes, July 19-24 (2004), San Luis Potosı, Mexico.
Poster session: SWCNTs under pressure, S. E. Baltazar, A. H. Romero, R. Martonak.
  • MRS Fall Meeting, November 29 – December 3 (2004), Boston, USA.
Poster sessionProduction and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Alloyed-Nanowires inside Carbon Nanotubes Ana Laura Elias A., Julio A. Rodriguez Manzo, Adalberto Zamudio, Samuel E. Baltazar, Florentino Lopez Urias, Emilio Munoz Sandoval, Humberto Terrones, Mauricio Terrones, Molly McCartney, David J. Smith, Dmitri Golberg, Chengchun Tang and Yoshio Bando.
  • Nanotechnology Workshop, February 16-19 (2005), Guanajuato, Mexico.
Poster session: Carbon Nanostructures under pressure, S. E. Baltazar, A. H. Romero, Jose Luis Rodrıguez-Lopez, H. Terrones and R. Martonak.
  • PASI conference, Tools and techniques in nanosciences, June 19-30 (2006), San Jose, Costa.
Rica Talk presentation: Eletronic transport in mesoscopic systems.
  • S. E. Baltazar, Aldo H. Romero, Martın E. Garcıa and Mario de Menech.
Poster session: Influence of N, B, S and P in graphene sheet. A. Garcıa, S. E. Baltazar, A. H. Romero and J. F. Perez Robles.
  • 71. Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, March (2007), Regensburg, Germany.
Poster session: Influence of bonding on the IV-characteristics of Si29H24 and organic molecules on Si surfaces. S. E. Baltazar, D. Jarukanont, Ulf Saalman, Aldo H. Romero, Martın E. Garcıa and Mario de Menech.
  • 72. Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, February (2008), Berlin, Germany.
Poster session: Spin-polarized current through organic molecules. D. Jarukanont, S. E. Baltazar, A. Kalitsov, Martın E. Garcıa.


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