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Cedenna researchers receive research initiation funding from Fondecyt

December 20, 2016

Dr. Simón Oyarzún from the Magnetic Nanostructure Line presented the project Spin Transfer Torque in Granular Systems. Dr. Walter Cañón from the Nanostructure Chemistry Line presented the project Magnetic Materials Based on Lanthanoid Ions with Lacunar Polyoxometalates as Building Units.

The projects of Simón Oyarzún (Magnestic Nanostructure Line) and Walter Cañón (Nanostructure Chemistry Line) were accepted for funding under the Fondecyt Research Initiation Program for 2016. The projects will be carried out at the Universidad de Santiago. The projects are titled Spin transfer torque in granular systems and Magnetic Materials based on Lanthanoid Ions with lacunar polyoxometalates as Building Units, the latter addressing the use of metals of strategic interest for the country (lanthanoids). The projects will allow the young researchers to carry out their scientific work more effectively. Some 288 projects were approved for funding from a total of 1,058 that were submitted.


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