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Nanostructured Materials Laboratory

In the laboratories of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Environmental of Metropolitan Technological University, simple chemical methods are developed. They are reproducible and eventually scalable for the fabrication and characterization of (i): hybrid laminar nanocomposites, flat and tubular based on clays (montmorillonite), silicates and semiconductor (TiO2, ZnO, V2O5, MoS2, CdS), in sheet ultrathin functionalized with molecular species (surfactants such as amines, alcohols, carboxylic acids long chain, neutral or charged) and polymeric (polyethers, polysaccharides, polyaminas) and (ii) inorganic nanoparticles and metal passivated and / or functionalized.

Workplace: Nanostructured Materials Laboratory | Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana UTEM | Las Palmeras 3360, Ñuñoa, Santiago – Chile | Teléfono (56 2) 27877109

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