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Soils and Environmental Laboratory

Soils and Environmental Laboratory of theSantiagode Chile University is national and internationally recognized because of its research in soils, aluminosilicate synthesis, surface charge and surface properties studies. This Laboratory carries out collaborative networks with national and international research groups. It also develops technology transfer work, consulting and escalation process from laboratory to pilot plant, mainly in the mining area. The main areas of research are: (i) synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and aluminosilicate nanotubes, functionalization with iron oxides and environmental applications, (ii) modified electrodes capable of extracting and removing ions in solution, (iii) modeling and simulation of environmental contamination risk by trace elements and (iv) hydraulic properties models for soil.

Workplace: Departamento de Química de los Materiales | Facultad de Química y Biología | Universidad de Santiago de Chile | Avda. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 3363 | Estación Central, Santiago – Chile | Phone (56-2) 7181048

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