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Nanomagnetism Laboratory

Nanomagnetism Laboratory of the University of Santiago de Chile is a specialized unit that arises primarily supported by the Fund for Scientific and Technological Equipment FONDEQUIP.

The fundamental mission of the laboratory is the development and study of applications coming from the synthesis, characterization and modeling of magnetic nanostructures on thin films (antidots, domes), cylindrical one-dimensional nanostructures (nanowires, nanotubes), and complex nanostructures (systems with modulated diameters, core/shell systems, multisegmented nanostructures).

Workplace: Nanomagnetism Laboratory | Research Building Rector Eduardo Morales Santos | Universidad de Santiago de Chile | Avenida Bernardo O´Higgins 3363,  Estación Central, Santiago – Chile.

Phone: (56-2) 27183410; 27183419

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