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Miguel Kiwi: “We have to have local capacity to solve problems”

April 27, 2020

The physicist analyzed the role of science at a global level, but also in the country, as part of a “society integrated into a country project.”

The researcher at Cedenna and the National Exact Sciences Award referred in a radio interview to how science plays a fundamental role in the fight against the Covid pandemic19. “There has begun to be awareness regarding the importance of having our own resources in the face of emergencies such as those we are experiencing,” he said.

The Dr. in Physics and academic from the University of Chile added that the importance of “having your own technological scientific resources is essential” and reaches strategic aspects that not only refer to health, communication, basic or technical sciences, “but even to National security”.

Dr. Kiwi urged to listen to the voice in scientific opinions at the local level and to prepare specialists to “have local capacity to solve problems” and with this “to have a society integrated into a country project”.

Listen to the full interview at the following link to El Matinal de los que Sobran, on Radio Usach. El Matinal de los que Sobran, en la Radio Usach.


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