Participates in the creation of new knowledge both basic and with possible applications in the field of Nanotechnology.


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  1. An autonomous monitoring system based on magnetic field variation

    Solicitation date: 30-12-2016
    License Nº.: Solicitud N°: 201603404 (A. Espejo, N. Vargas, D. Altbir, J.C. Denardin)
  2. Polymeric film comprising nanoparticles of copper or silver doped titanium dioxide whose antimicrobicidal activity can be activated by exposure to visible light, useful in the manufacture of food packaging or in surface coatings

    Solicitation date: 01-08-2016
    License Nº.: Solicitud 20161955 (J. Bruna, M. J. Galotto, A. Guarda, F. Rodríguez, A. C. Lopez De Discastillo)
  3. Biodegradable polymer composition with antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity, comprising murta leaf

    Solicitation date: 08-04-2016
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201600817 (C. López de Discastillo, M.J. Galotto, A. Guarda, J. Bruna)


  1. Method of obtaining an adsorber of organic gaseous compounds, based on experimental stages

    Solicitation date: 30-12-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud N°: 20153777 (F. Rodríguez, M.J. Galotto, A. Guarda, C. Pizarro, J. Bruna)
  2. Method to obtain copper nanoparticles and using said particles

    Solicitation date: 30-12-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201503794 (H. Lozano, E. Benavente, F. Mendizabal, G. González)
  3. A single-dose and extended-release injectable pharmaceutical composition comprising polymer-nanoparticles composed of polyethylene glycol-bonded poly-ethylene glycol (MPEG-PLLA), loaded with drugs which inhibit the panexin-1 channel, including carbenoxolone, probenicid 10 panx, or a Combination thereof, useful for treating or preventing chronic pain, in animals or humans

    Solicitation date: 30-12-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud N°: 201503772 (L. Constandil, C. Vilos, D. Brabo López, P. Ramírez, J. Retamal, T. Pelissier Serrano)
  4. Alternating magnetic field nanogenerator using a nanowire, which can be used to generate current, and associated method

    Solicitation date: 16-11-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud Nº: 201503361 (A. Espejo, N. Vidal, F. Tejo, J. Escrig)
  5. Method for nanomodulating metal films by means of high-vacuum cathode sputtering of metals and stencils

    Solicitation date: 09-11-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud Nº: 201503277 (J.L. Palma, J.C. Denardin, J. Escrig)
  6. Pain treatment method involving the use of spinal Pannexins

    Solicitation date: 29-07-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud Nº: 201502114 (D. Bravo, L. Constandil, T. Pelissier, A. Hernández)
  7. Magnetic nanotransistor

    Solicitation date: 16-03-2015
    License Nº.: Solicitud N°: 20150520 (A.P. Espejo, J. Escrig)


  1. High density magnetic storage system

    Solicitation date: 12-12-2014
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201403384 (R.Escobar, S.Castillo, N.Vargas, S.Allende, D.Altbir, M.Bahiana, J. d'Albuquerque e Castro)
  2. Development of bionanocomposites with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties obtained from a plastic polymer and an agroindustrial by-product

    Solicitation date: 24-11-2014
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201403190 (M.J. Galotto, J.Bruna, A.Guarda, FJ. Rodríguez)
  3. Subdermal implant for continuous delivery of antiparasitic agent for dogs and animals of agricultural interest

    Solicitation date: 17-04-2014
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201400989 (H.Cárdenas)


  1. Subdermal implant for storage and continuous delivery of an anticancer agent for dogs, contained in zeolite nano and microparticles and oil medium

    Solicitation date: 31-12-2013
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201303807 (HCárdenas, P.Díaz, P.Gálvez, F.Rojas, C.Segovia, P.Orihuela, D.Altbir)
  2. Procedure for the activation and regeneration of a filtering material and an obtained filtering material

    Solicitation date: 30-12-2013
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201303788 (D.Venegas, M.Gutiérrez, E.Spodine)


  1. Biodegradable and biocompatible nanoparticles of PLGA, loaded with the drug for human use, pentoxifylline

    Solicitation date: 16-11-2012
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201203209 (L.Constandil, C.Vilos)
  2. Inorganic ferro-imogolite nanoparticles and the process to prepare them for the removal of trace elements

    Solicitation date: 13-06-2012
    License Nº.: WO2014030080 A1 (N. Arancibia, M. Escudey, C. Pizarro, M. García)


  1. Intravaginal ring to inhibit ovulation in women made from vinyl polymers where it is loaded and subsequently released meloxicam or piroxicam

    Solicitation date: 26-08-2011
    License Nº.: 201203423 (D. Altbir, H. Croxatto, P. Galvez, F.Rabagliti, L Velazquez, P. Zapata, H. Cardenas)
  2. A process to obtain a film that incorporates antimicrobial agents or natural origin in a polymeric structure

    Solicitation date: 14-03-2011
    License Nº.: Solicitud 20110532 (A.Guarda, X.Valenzuela, A.Ramírez, M.J. Galotto)


  1. A process for obtaining a film comprised of the incorporation of naturally-sourced antimicrobial agents in a polymeric structure to develop packages for increasing the shelf life of refrigerated meat, preferentially refrigerated fresh salmon

    Solicitation date: 03-12-2010
    License Nº.: WO2012073107 A1 (A. Guarda, J. Rubilar, M.J. Galotto)
  2. Injectable formula for the controlled release for the administration of Ceftiofur and Florfenicol in animal species, based on microparticles Acido Poliláctico-Glicólico (PLGA)

    Solicitation date: 21-10-2010
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201102902 (C.Vilos, L.Velásquez, P.Orihuela, M.Ríos)
  3. Injectable veterinary composition for controlled, sustained release of ceftiofur and florfenicol in animal species, based on microparticles Polihidroxibutirato hidroxivalerato (PHBV)

    Solicitation date: 21-10-2010
    License Nº.: Solicitud 201102901 (C.Vilos, L.Velásquez, P.Orihuela, M.Ríos)


  1. Method for magnetising natural and synthetic aluminosilicates

    Solicitation date: 29-12-2009
    License Nº.: WO/2011/079403 (M. Escudey, M. Gutiérrez, J. Fabris, D. Altbir, J.C. Denardín)


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