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President Bachelet presents science commission for the development of Chile

January 27, 2015

Director of CEDENNA and a professor of the University of Santiago, Dora Altbir, along with 34 other distinguished scientific and academic figures, has been given a mandate to develop a proposal to promote basic and applied science and a culture of science and innovation in Chile.

President Michelle Bachelet and the Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Luis Felipe Céspedes, presented the new Presidential Commission on Science for the Development of Chile, composed of scientific experts.

“The sciences have a fundamental role in our reflections on future possibilities. They show us the universe that we are part of and reveal the opportunities it presents. They help us to anticipate new challenges and ways to innovate to face these challenges. Finally, it is the sciences that remind us, with the disinterest and passion of the search for truth, what we are and the human sense of everything we do”, stated the President.

“The Commission has a mandate to prepare a proposal by June 2015 for promoting basic and applied science and a culture of science and innovation. The Commission brings together distinguished scientific, academic and professional figures, as well as young researchers, all with well-earned prestige. They represent visions, talents and abilities that are part of the institutional and regional diversity in Chilean science. This diversity will provide for dialogue among the interests of the scientific community and the society as whole”, she added.

Among the scientists on the Commission are the President of Conicyt, Francisco Brieva, the President of the Chilean Science Academy, Juan Asenjo, national science award winners, Cecilia Hidalgo, Servet Martínez, Mary Kalin, José Rodríguez and Bernabé Santelices, and the director of the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Dora Altbir, who will represent the University of Santiago, among others.

In relation to the mission of this working group, President Bachelet stated that “the first objective is to present a proposal to strengthen the sciences in Chile, so that scientific research becomes a pillar in the development and international integration of Chile”. As well, the working group should establish an information system integrating information about Chilean researchers and generate a field of university study for researchers that is different and independent from preparation of academics, so as to not limit the expansion of research by restrictions of the size of academic bodies or university administrations.

For the Director of CEDENNA and professor of the Department of Physics of the University of Santiago, Dora Altbir, the commission represents an important opportunity to strengthen scientific policies in the country and to be at the level of the countries that form the OECD and become truly developed.

During her first administration President Bachelet undertook an ambitious policy of establishing base research centers with very good results in general. This does not imply that there aren’t enormous challenges before us. Instance like this allow us to bring together different actors in the national system of innovation for development and thus make Chile better” stated Dr. Altbir.


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