CEDENNA organizes numerous outreach activities, including conferences, talks, competitions, schools, seminars and exhibitions, to present its work to the general community, generating greater interest in science among the youth of our country.


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Fruitful visit by CONICYT representatives to Center

September 20, 2016

Representatives of CONICYT’s Associative Research Program meet with Cedenna’s board in the context of a field visit to review the results of the last six years of the project and the way in which technology transfer is being strengthened. Isabel Meneses, the director of PIA Program and Paz Schachtebeck, the PAI project follow-up coordinator, learned about the management and main results of the Center in the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology. They also had the opportunity to tour our new location and see in situ the equipment acquired to-date, such as TEM and SEM microscopes, the Mössbauer spectroscope.


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