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Drastic isolation and increased testing to control contagion

May 22, 2020

An interesting presentation on the development of the transmission control curve of Covid19 at an international and also a local level was presented this Monday, 18, by Dr. Eugenio Vogel, academic from the University of La Frontera.

Based on an analysis carried out together with doctors Patricio Vargas (USM), Sebastián Allende (Usach) and Sigismund Kobe (TU Dresden, Germany), the researcher referred to how daily data is interpreted in terms of a curve known as Gaussian ( bell-shaped: it ascends, marks a maximum, and then descends) and what it means to flatten that curve.

He argued that, in each country, since the identification of the patient or the contagion begins to grow linearly, however, this advance soon transforms into exponential growth, mainly due to the fact that a person infects not only one more, but also multiple subjects whose contacts branch out and thus contagion grows rapidly.
Specialists say that the most effective way to control this situation is to quickly identify the vectors and drastically isolate them.

To explain the advances and control efforts, which in some countries have managed to reduce the number of people infected, Dr. Vogel presented graphs with Gaussian curve models that have been completed showing a relative control of the pandemic (South Korea, Australia). and Austria, among others). While in nations such as Chile, Brazil, Mexico and others, the Gaussians have not yet hinted at a closure, which makes the situation for the immediate future uncertain.

Better response in BCG vaccinated
One of the interesting data (among others) provided by the researcher on the study was the high mortality rate in countries that do not vaccinate against tuberculosis (BCG vaccine) because they do not have the vaccine in their health plan or because the They stopped applying years ago. Dr. Vogel explained that the coincidence in this comparison was interesting and he consulted with a specialist in respiratory diseases, who reaffirmed that it is possible that vaccination against TB generates an alert that stimulates the immune response in the respiratory system, and this allows the body of vaccinated people have a better reaction with better chances of surviving Covid disease19.

Finally, among the conclusions, he maintained that the number of tests continues to be a relevant contribution to control the spread of the disease, the associated mortality and to stop possible outbreaks, which will always be latent until the appropriate vaccine is available.

In the final part of his presentation, this academic from the Department of Physical Sciences of the Universidad de la Frontera and researcher from Cedenna presented the differences in the spread of COVID-19 in the regions of Chile, relating it to social aspects typical of each place.

Doctors Vogel, Vargas, Allende and Kobe hope to share the full article soon.


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