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Dr. Horacio Croxatto

Researcher from CEDENNA receives international recognition for his career

October 12, 2011

Considered a world authority on contraceptives, the physiologist and academic of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, Horacio Croxatto, received a lifetime achievement award from international organizations that work in the field of contraception. This recognition comes in addition to an award in September of this year fro the Chilean Society on Reproduction and Development.

Because of his leading role in changing our understanding of contraception through his research, in October 7 2011 Dr. Horacio Croxatto of the Reproductive Immunology Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology received a lifetime achievement award from the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception and the American Society for Emergency Contraception, bodies dedicated to promoting research, knowledge and policies on contraception, especially in developing countries.

The awarding organizations also stressed the commitment of Dr. Croxatto to “improve access to emergency contraceptives for women in Chile, Latin America and the world”; his participation in numerous public debates and defenses “that have been consistent and powerful”, and his contributions to the field of contraceptives, specifically the action of levonorgestrel, better known as the day-after pill, which the researcher, after numerous studies, considers to be non-abortive.

“To me it means recognition of the meritorious work undertaken by a multidisciplinary team that has worked with great dedication for women’s health, and has faithfully accompanied me throughout my career as a researcher in the area of human reproduction.” stated Dr. Croats about the award. He commented by email from Panama where he is participating in the biannual meeting of the Latin American Association of Researchers on Human Reproduction, at which he presented new research on the physiology of the oviduct.

With more than 50 years committed to science, Dr. Croxatto was behind the founding of the Chilean Society for Reproduction and Development, the creation of the Reproduction and Development Unit of the Catholic University and was a co-founder of the Chilean Institute of Reproductive Medicine.


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