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Success of educational videos about magnetism in the Internet

July 16, 2011

Researchers from the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology have developed these video productions that have received more than two thousand viewers in Internet. With the English version of one video (Moses Effect), China appears to be the main source of viewers, followed by the United States and Australia.

Levitation experiments with superconductors and the effects of electromagnetism on water (Moses Effect) can be seen in YouTube thanks to an initiative of researchers from the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, led by Dr. Eugenio Vogel of the Universidad de la Frontera.

The total number of visits to the videos available at YouTube is reaching two thousand two hundred (July 2011) and is increasing by the dozens weekly, with the Moses Effect being the most popular. In terms of the geographic outreach of the videos, Mexico and Spain are the countries with the highest number of hits, while in the English version (Moses effect); China is the source of the largest number of visitors, followed by the United States and Australia.

These videos can also be found at the site of FICAeTV, which is in charge of producing them. Visits to their site to view the videos exceed 1,100, with the video on superconductor levitation being the most often visited.

The videos can be found at www.youtube.com and searching with “Moses effect”, “Efecto Moisés” or “Levitación Superconductora”. Alternatively, all the videos are displayed by searching with “ficaetv” in YouTube. You can also directly visit the web site of the producers of the videos at ficaetv.ufro.cl. The videos were filmed at the Department of Physical Sciences of the Universidad de La Frontera.


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