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Consultancies, Services and Technological Developments

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Services Value (UF)
Preparation of samples (metallization by sputtering) 1 UF per sample.
Analysis of materials scanning electron microscopy (SEM) 3 UF/hr (minimum of 1 hr)
Analysis by EDS 3 UF/hr (minimum of 1 hr)
Report with analysis results EDS 3 UF
Analysis of materials transmission electron microscopy (TEM) 6 UF/hr (minimum of 1 hr)
Magnetic characterization by VSM (magnetization curve) at room temperature. Tesla value: 1 1 UF per sample.
Magnetic characterization by VSM (magnetization curve) at low temperatures. Tesla value: 5 2 UF per sample.
Magnetic characterization by VSM (Magnetization in function of temperature – Range 2-300 K) 3 UF per sample.
Depositing thin films by sputtering 3 UF per sample.
Characterization of electrical function, magnetic field and temperature. Tesla value 5. Temperature 2-300 K 2 to 3 UF per sample.
Report with analysis results 2 UF.

Contact: Juliano C. Denardin (email: juliano.denardin@usach.cl) | Phone: (562) 2 7183410

Table of LABEN Services – CEDENNA

Services Value (UF)
Analysis of permeability to water vapor (ASTM standard F- 1249) 4,4
Analysis of permeability to oxygen (ASTM standard D-3985) 6,1
Analysis of migration with aqueous simulants (CEE and Mercosur standards) 4,8
Analysis of migration with fatty simulants (CEE and Mercosur standards) 11,9
Analysis of migration with alternative fatty simulants (Mercosur standards)Normativa Mercosur) 7,7
Analysis of specific migration (metals) 2.3
Determination of mechanical properties in materials 3,4
Determination of the friction coefficient (ASTM standard D- 1894) 3,7
Sensorial analysis. 4,0
Sensorial analysis of packaging (Robinson test) 6,0
Sensorial analysis of packaging (odor test) 1,3
Analysis of total surface count 1,0
Analysis of mesophilic aerobic microorganisms 1,0
Analysis of mold and yeast count 1,1
Determination of thickness and weight 1,1
Flow control 0,4
Thermal analysis of polymeric material 7,0
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) 4,0
Determination of water activity 0,9
Determination of surface tension (ASTM D-2578 standard) 0,7855
Determination of residual styrene 5,9
Determination of oxygen and carbon dioxide residues in packaging 1,2
Preparation of Masterbatch 40 UF/hr. (Minimum of 4 hours)
Preparation of plastic films with specific dimensions 40 UF/hr. (Minimum of 4 hours)

Table of Services Molecular Magnetism – CEDENNA Services

Services Value (UF)
Infrared Spectroscopy Analyses  (FTIR)
Transmittance (KBr pellet) 3.5 UF
Diffuse Reflectance 4.5 UF
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Room Temperature up to 1000 °C
Inert Atmosphere (Nitrogen) 7.0 UF
Oxygen Atmosphere 7.0  UF
Ultraviolet visible and Near Infrared Spectroscopy (UV-vis-NIR) (200 to 3000 nm)
Solid (diffuse Reflectance) 3.5 UF
Solution 3.5 UF
Sample preparation and Solvent 3.0 UF
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry GC-MS :
Method Development 15 UF to 60 UF
Identification 5.4 UF
Quantification 2.0 UF


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