Nanosafety Seminar for IPICYT (Mexico)

Submitted by carmenibarra on Wed, 05/18/2022 - 20:02


An interesting virtual talk on Nanosafety was given by Mauricio Escudey, principal investigator of the Nanosafety Unit of Cedenna, to researchers, academics and students of the Potosino Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, IPICYT (Mexico). In this seminar, he reviewed the current scenario and those issues that generate concern around nanomaterials, in the perspective of a significant development with the least risk, based on adequate knowledge about the characterization, properties and long-term behavior of nanoproducts. In his speech he focused on the activity carried out by Cedenna. He stressed that the objective of the Nanosafety Unit of our center is to guarantee Nanosafety conditions for all Cedenna members, establish the safety of nanoparticles synthesized by Cedenna researchers, both from an environmental and health point of view, provide certified information of Nanosafety to the national productive sector, advising government agencies linked to occupational health, environment and consumer health safety on the subject.

Nanoscience Photos

Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones
Autora: R. Abarca, Cedenna.
Estrella de Vanadio
Nanohilos de Cobalto
Impresión de nanovolcanes
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones
Campos magnéticos coloridos