Nanotechnology Fair 2023 in Chile: An epic meeting of science and companies

Submitted by olabrin on Mon, 07/03/2023 - 14:10

Today on the CNN Chile portal, Futuro 360, the fair organized by CEDENNA was highlighted, which brought together different leading companies to explore first-hand the various lines of research and development. The event also had the participation of the president of the Future Challenges Commission of the Upper House, Senator Ximena Rincón, who emphasized the relevance of this type of meeting and the potential that Chile has in the field of nanotechnology. The senator highlighted the need to establish closer collaboration between the public, private, scientific and academic sectors to promote innovation and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by nanotechnology. The fair was not only a space for the exchange of knowledge and scientific advances, but also for establishing links between companies and research centers.

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