Radio Cooperativa Ciencia interviews Dr. Patricia Díaz about innovative cancer treatment

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Interview conducted by Radio Cooperativa Ciencia with Dr. Patricia Díaz, in charge of the CEDENNA Nanobiomedicine Laboratory, about the innovative cancer treatment being developed in this research center. Using magnetic nanoparticles, CEDENNA is working on a technology that has the potential to attack tumors and cancer cells in a highly localized manner, without causing damage to healthy tissues or surrounding organs. The research is led by Dr. Patricia Díaz together with Dr. Patricio Vargas (co-investigator) and student Franco Álvarez.

Dr. Díaz highlighted that this technique, which is in the preclinical testing phase, has numerous advantages: "this treatment is characterized by its high precision. Recent studies have shown that cancer cells are more sensitive to changes in temperature than normal cells. "Therefore, its effects are more efficient and localized, without the side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This approach is much safer and less intrusive for patients."

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