CEDENNA researcher Dr. Diego Venegas participated in the XIII International Vanadium Symposium in Portugal.

Submitted by olabrin on Thu, 01/18/2024 - 13:51

Professor Diego Venegas Yazigi, doctor in Chemistry and principal investigator of the CEDENNA Molecular Magnetism Laboratory, presented this Tuesday the advances of this team at the ChemForum held in Lisbon, after also participating in the XIII International Vanadium Symposium in the Portuguese capital.

Both events regularly bring together specialists from around the world to offer a series of short, open and accessible scientific conferences covering different topics in chemistry and related sciences. They are organized by the Center for Structural Chemistry of the University of Lisbon and, in the case of the symposium on Vanadium, more than sixty researchers from around the world share their studies and experience on this unique element, whose applications range from medicine to catalysis. and the materials.

These international meetings are presented by currently active researchers, guests of recognized scientific centers, and are also intended for both PhD students, researchers and professors in the area from many countries. “The central idea is to collaborate, establish enriching conversations and exchanges between the different groups of participating researchers as well as encouraging young people to do more science. There are certain stereotypes regarding scientific competitiveness that are broken in meetings like this one, where several days are shared, a coffee, a poster session, an exhibition and an interaction is generated that benefits all participants equally," commented Dr. Venegas Yazigi.

Nanoscience Photos

Estrella de Vanadio
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones
Impresión de nanovolcanes
Nanohilos de Cobalto
Autora: R. Abarca, Cedenna.
Campos magnéticos coloridos
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones